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Manage integration with Revere Payments

You can deactivate, and reactivate your integration with Revere Payments and also consult the history of changes made (audit).

On this page:

  • Disable Integration

  • Consult Audit

Before you start, you need…

Disable Integration with Revere Payments

You can disable integration with Revere Payments if you no longer intend to use this payment processor.

When you disable this integration, all Checkout Guru links with Revere Payments will immediately stop working.


1 - Acess Settings > Integrations > Checkout Guru > Revere Payments

2 - Switch the Active button to the off position.

3 - Click Send.

Consult Audit

As a security measure, Guru stores a history of all operations carried out in the integration, identifying the user, date/time of the operation, and other details.


1 - Access Settings > Integrations > Checkout Guru > Revere Payments

2 - Click on the Audit tab.

3 - Activities are displayed in a timeline (from most recent to oldest).

4 - If you wish, you can view the details of the activity by clicking on its title.

5 - Click on one of the available sections to view the data:


Displays detailed information about the activity in question.

  1. ID: identification number (ID) of the update;

  2. Type of change made;

  3. Created on: date of activity registration.


Displays the information of the user who performed the action.

  1. Name: name of the user who performed the operation;

  2. Email: email of the user who performed the operation.


Displays infrastructure information (country, IP, user agent...) of the related activity.

  1. Country, Region, City, Latitude & Longitude: location of the device that performed the activity.

  2. IP: IP address of the device.

  3. User Agent: identification of the user agent who performed the operation.

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