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Revere Payments

Revere Payments is a payment service provider, in subacquirer mode, which provides an online payment intermediation system. With this integration it’s possible to process payments from customers who have tax residence anywhere around the world.

Guru offers an out-of-the-box integration with Revere Payments that helps you:

  • Connect your business to Revere Payments without the help of a developer;

  • Process payments for One-Time Purchases and Subscriptions through Checkout Guru.

Features of Checkout Guru + Revere Payments

With Checkout Guru + Revere Payments, you can process payments for one-time purchases and Subscriptions (recurring payments) for customers from all over the world. If you sell a digitla product, it’s possible to skip the address step in the payment flow.

Check the complete list of available features:

Checkout for

Additional Features

One-Time Purchases

Recurring payments

One Click

Order Bump

Payment Split

International Sales1

Sale Without Address

= avaliable

Sale Without Address

Contact the Revere Payments team and request the deactivation of fraud protection program. Otherwise, sales may not be processed correctly.

(1) Just like with cards issued in the USA, Revere Payments processes charges in USD for cards issued abroad.

Formas de Pagamento disponíveis

With Checkout Guru + Revere Payments, you can accept credit card payments.

Expand your payment options in your checkout

You can add payment methods such as Paypal, MBWayand Cryptocurrency to your checkout! Check the compatible payment processors in the Checkout Guru options list.

Integration and Configuration

To activate the integration, you need to provide the keys from your production account on Revere Paymentes in Guru and configure the webhook on Revere Payments.

Activate the integration with Revere Payments and make additional configurations in the Settings » Integrations » Guru’s Checkout » Revere Payments section.

Once the integration is active, add products and offers to generate checkout links.

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